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Dean Paul Martin's Death

Dean Paul Martin

The life and death of Dean Paul Martin:

This man was named after his famous father and followed his dad in the music and film industries. He was also a successful tennis player and a military pilot. Not nearly as big a star as his Dad, he did have several major accomplishments. But unfortunately he died in his role as a pilot.

Dean Paul Martin was born in suburban Los Angeles in November 1951. His mother, the former Jeanne Biegger …

Dean Paul Martin baby photo

…was the second wife of his very famous Dad.

Dean Paul was the fifth child of seven for Dean Martin

Dean Martin

…who was part of the famous Martin and Lewis act at the time. Of course, Dad later branched out on his own as part of the Rat Pack who entertained in Las Vegas and also had great success as a recording artist, actor and TV variety show host.

Young Dean attended the Urban Military Academy in Brentwood and started his own music career at the age of 13 as part of the rock group with the son of Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz junior and Billy Hinsche.

Dean Paul Martin album covers

They had a couple of Top 30 hits between 1965 and 1968.

He changed from Dino to Dean Paul in his late teens and competed in a junior competition at Wimbledon. He was ranked number fifty on the pro tennis tour while he was in his twenties.

Dean Paul Martin playing tennis

He then turned to acting, playing the role of a tennis player opposite Ali McGraw in the movie "Players".

Dean Paul Martin, Players

And he co-starred with Courtney Cox in the 1985 TV series "Misfits of Science."

Dean Paul Martin, Misfits of Science

Dean Paul was married twice, first to actress Olivia Hussey …

Dean Paul Martin and Olivia Hussey

...and later to figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

Dean Paul Martin and Dorothy Hamill

Both marriages ended in divorce.

Dean Paul Martin had a reported dust-up with the law.

newspaper report of Dean Paul Martin arrest

But he maintained his status as an officer in the California Air National Guard. Rising to the rank of Captain, he died when his planned crashed in the San Bernardino Mountains during a snow storm.

newspaper report of Dean Paul Martin plane crash

Show business elite attended his funeral.

His ailing father was devastated and never got over the loss, walking out of a reunion tour with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

Dean Martin

Dean Paul Martin was survived by his own son, Alex…

Dean Paul Martin' son, Alex

…from his marriage to Hussey. The boy, then a teenager, watched his father take off on the doomed flight.

Dean Paul Martin is buried in the Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Dean Paul Martin grave
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