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Nelson Rockefeller's Death

Nelson Rockefeller

Born into fantastic wealth, Nelson Rockefeller even died in a way that many men would envy. In fact, Rocky – as he was known to voters and the tabloid press – didn't know if he was coming or going!

The grandson of the legendary oil man whose name is nearly synonymous with capitalist success, Nelson served as Chairman of Rockefeller Center in the 1950's and was instrumental with his banker brother David in getting the World Trade Center built. A four term Governor of New York, Rockefeller – a liberal Republican - tried and failed to run for President, but did get as far as the Vice Presidency when Gerald Ford succeeded the disgraced Richard Nixon in the Oval office.

And he also showed that just because you're filthy rich, it doesn't mean you don't know some common gestures, as he responds here to a political heckler.

Nelson Rockefeller

He was seventy years old when he died of a heart attack, in the company of a 25 year old assistant named Megan Marshack.

Megan Marshack

The details were sketchy at first. Rocky was supposed to be in his office writing a book but it was later revealed he was in his town house with Marshack, who was wearing a black evening gown and who called a friend when he was stricken, delaying help for about an hour and leaving Rocky very dead.