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David Angell's Death

David Angell

He made people laugh regularly with the sitcoms he wrote and produced. But he died in one of the saddest, most brutal events in American history.

David Angell was a Rhode Island native who moved to Los Angeles in 1977. He wrote comedy scripts, first for "Archie Bunkers Place", then joining "Cheers" as a staff writer in 1983.

Angell and his writing team won 24 Emmy awards. They later created the company series "Frasier", a "Cheers" spinoff, and "Wings".

Angell and his wife Lynn…

David Angell with wife, Lynn

…were flying home to California on American Airlines Flight 11 on a clear September morning…

Sept 11th, Terrorist attack - World Trade Center

…when their plane was hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center.

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