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John Belushi's Death

John Belushi

John Belushi was a wild ball of insanity who wowed audiences on TV and film. He was able to assume a madcap persona at the drop of a hat and have you truly believe that he was that character.

John Belushi

Belushi was born and grew up in Chicago and graduated from Wheaton High School.

John Belushi high school photo

The older brother of actor Jim Belushi…

Jim Belushi

…John started getting attention when he joined the "Second City TV" comedy team in Chicago in 1971, moving on to the "National Lampoon Radio Hour" two years later. In 1975 he became famous nationally as part of the original cast of "Saturday Night Live".

He and Saturday Night Live cast mate Dan Akroyd created the Blues Brothers…

And by 1979, John was going solo in the movies, creating the memorable Bluto Blutarsky character in National Lampoon's "Animal House."

John Belushi in Animal House

In 1977 on SNL, John declared that he planned to be dead by the time he was 30. He didn't miss by much. Belushi's high living and drug use caught up with him and he died of a drug overdose. A "speedball", a mixture of cocaine and heroin, took him at 33. While disputed, it was ruled an accident.

John Belushi in a body bag

His SNL cast mates attended his funeral.

SNL cast members at John Belushi's funeral

He's been buried twice at Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard…with this marker….

John Belushi head stone

…and an unmarked grave at an undisclosed location as his final resting place.

John Belushi head stone

He's also remembered on the Belushi family stone at the Elmwood Cemetery in River Grove, Illinois.

Like so many of Hollywood's own…

star hollywood walk of fame

…he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.