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Adolph Hitler's Death

Adolph Hitler

He's reviled as the ultimate monster of the 20th century. Adolph Hitler pulled Germany together and then managed to tear the world apart with a vicious world war built on conquest and murder.

Adolph Hitler baby picture

Hitler was born on the border of Bavaria, in Austria-Hungary. One of six children, his older brothers and sister all died in infancy. (A younger brother also died as a child.) When Hitler was three the family moved to Bavaria and he spent his childhood years there, singing in a church choir. (He later gave up Catholicism.)

He moved to Vienna in 1905 and drifted, trying his hand at painting watercolors, but mainly financed by orphans' benefits (his father was a Customs official who died suddenly) and support from his mother. It was in Vienna, he later wrote in "Mein Kampf", that be became anti-Semitic.

Hitler fought in World War I as a German soldier and was decorated for bravery, receiving the Iron Cross in 1914.

Adolph Hitler 1914

Hitler then built off his army experience to leap into politics.

Adolph Hitler as he entered politics

In a series of combative speeches in beer halls, he began attracting regular audiences by using scapegoats, blaming them for German's problems.

Hitler also used the country's economic problems after World War I as a springboard to power and managed to work his way in as the German Chancellor.

Adolph Hitler as german chancellor

He began a large infrastructure improvement program, building dams, highways, railroads and other public works.

But Hitler had eyes on bigger things – world conquest.

Adolph Hitler as he gained power

Hell broke loose as he started to push for power and control of Europe.

Millions of innocent people, especially Jews…

pile of dead bodies

…died in concentration camps.

Hitler married his longtime companion Eva Braun…

Eva Braun

…the small ceremony in his bunker on the night of April 29, 1945.

The marriage didn't last long. A day later Soviet troops were within a block of the bunker where they remained hold up.

Hitlers bunker

Braun committed suicide when she bit into a cyanide capsule.

Hitler and Eva Braun

Hitler shot himself in the temple.

Hitler bunker

Both of their bodies were set ablaze.

When the Red Army found the bodies only the lower jaw with dental work could be identified as Hitler's remains.

Newspaper report of Hitler's death

But questions remained. Some conspiracy theorists said Hitler managed to escape to Argentina, but this was never confirmed.

Hitler's supposed escape route

Some say he assumed a new identity, Father Krespi, who died in 1993.

picture of Hitler's fake identity

Again, this was never proven, but the rumor is out there and it's included here for your consideration.

One thing is certain…

Hitler later in life

…Der Fuhrer was never seen again.

His thousand year Reich didn't last nearly that long. Adolph Hitler ruled from 1934 until his death in 1945, a mere eleven years. His dark legacy is death and destruction.