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Franklin D. Roosevelt's Death

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The life and death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

He's generally regarded as one of the greatest U.S. President, the rich patrician who devised programs that helped the common man.

His Administration started in 1933, during the Great Depression.

And he was also the nation's leader during World War II…

Even though the polio he'd contracted in 1921 threatened to end his budding political career, his life's work survived, but the disease had left him wheel chair bound and crippled.

Franklin D. Roosevelt in a wheel chair and crutches

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born into great wealth to one of the oldest Dutch families in New York.

Franklin D. Roosevelt early photo

He attended Harvard college and Columbia Law School and served as the Governor of New York before winning the Presidency.

He married Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

…niece of President Theodore Roosevelt, and she and Franklin had six children.

FDR was elected a record four times as President…

FDR capaign pins

…although he only lived three months into his final term.

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