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Sitting Bull's Death

Sitting Bull

The life and death of Sitting Bull:

He was a tribal holy man who led his people against the white expansion in America and in resistance to U.S. government policies.

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And even though he was on the winning side of one of their biggest battles, he too died a violent death.

Pictured here as a teenager…

Sitting Bull, teenager

…just before the famous Battle of Little Big Horn, Sitting Bull had a dream that was interpreted as a sign that many American soldiers would die in a battle with Native Americans. When George Armstrong Custer's Last Stand finally came…

Battle of Little Big Horn

…his followers were inspired.

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But he was seen as a major enemy by The U.S. government.

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After the battle, Sitting Bull and some followers went north to what is now part of Saskatchewan, Canada. But he returned to the U.S. and surrendered, only to be shot in the side and head following a struggle with police.

newspaper report of Sitting Bull' death

He was originally buried at Fort Yates, North Dakota, but his remains were later moved to South Dakota where this memorial now stands.

Sitting Bull memorial

Now, you may not know it, but Sitting Bull worked in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show

Sitting Bull in Buffal Bill's Wild West show

And the chief had a daughter named Standing Holy.

Standing Holy

He's remembered as the subject of several feature films and with his own U.S. postage stamp

Sitting Bull stamp