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Erin Moran's Death

Erin Moran

The life and death of Erin Moran:

This actress’s career was defined by her most popular role as part of the very well-known ABC TV hit series “Happy Days” in the 1970s.

She was born Erin Marie Moran in Burbank, California and wanted to be an actress from a very early age. Her father Edward was a finance manager and her interest in acting was supported by her mother Sharon, who signed her up with an agent when she was only five years old.

Erin was already appearing in bank commercials at that pre-school age and then went on to play in several TV series including “Daktari” and appeared frequently on the Don Rickles show.

But her best known role came in 1974 when she was only 13. She was cast as Joanie Cunningham on the series “Happy Days” and continued to play that part until 1982.

Erin Moran, Happy Days

She also briefly played a role in the spinoff series “Joanie Loves Chachi”.

Erin then returned to remain with happy days in its final season. Her acting continued with guest parts in series like “Love Boat”, “Murder She Wrote” and “The Waltons.”

Erin and some of her “Happy Days” co-stars filed a breach of contract suit, claiming they were owed merchandising revenues. But a judge rejected their case and they were cut out their chance of getting millions in of dollars in damages.

Erin married Rocky Ferguson in 1987…

Erin Moran and Rocky Ferguson

…but they divorced six years later. Also in 1993, she married Steven Fleishman.

Erin Moran and Steven Fleishman

He survived her.

Erin was found dead in Coronado, Indiana with an autopsy indicating the most likely cause of death was complications from a form of cancer of the throat. She was only 56 years old.