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Dan Haggerty's Death

Dan Haggerty

The life and death of Dan Haggerty:

He was a long-time actor remembered for one main role – which led to his fame in film and on TV.

Although some claim he was born in Pound, Wisconsin, other records show that Daniel Francis Haggerty was born in Los Angeles - the perfect spot for an aspiring actor. His parents separated when he was only three and he grew up in a home that made its living with a small wild animal attraction. He started training the animas too, including a black bear that did tricks. Talk about foreshadowing!

He pursued acting after high school, and took up body building…

Dan Haggerty shirtless

…and had minor roles in movies like "Muscle Beach Party", with Annette Funicello

Annette muscle beach party

…and in the Peter Fonda biker film "Easy Rider."

Dan Haggerty, Easy Rider

But he's best known for the lead role in "The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams" …

Dan Haggerty, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams

…a series that ran on NBC-TV from 1977-78.

After that, he had other small acting roles on TV and in horror films.

And he was honored with a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast

Dan married twice – the first time at age 17 in 1959. He and his first wife Diane Rooker…

Dan Haggerty and Diane Rooke

…and they had two daughters, Tracey and Tammy, but divorced in 1984.

He then married Samantha Hilton…

Dan Haggerty and Samantha Hilton

and they had two sons, Dylan and Cody, and they remained married until she died after an August, 2008 motorcycle accident.

After undergoing back surgery in August 2015, Dan was diagnosed with spinal cancer and died of the disease in Burbank, California.