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Brandon Lee's Death

Brandon Lee

The life and death of Brandon Lee:

He was born into a family of performers and was making a mark of his own in the movies when he died in an accident while filming.

Brandon Bruce Lee was born in Oakland, California. His father Bruce Lee was the noted actor and martial arts action star.

Brandon Lee baby photo with his mother and father

His mother was Lee Emery. Brandon's paternal grand-father, Lee Hoi-Chuen was a Cantonese opera singer.

Brandon lived in Los Angeles for some of his childhood but the family also spent time in Hong Kong.

Returning to L.A. in 1985, he took as job as a script writer and got his first acting role in "Kung Fu". A leading role came in the Hong Kong production "Legacy of Rage."

And in 1992, he landed the lead role in "The Crow", an adaptation of a popular underground comic book.

Brandon Lee in The Crow

At the time, Brandon was planning to marry Eliza "Lisa" Hutton when filming of "The Crow" was completed.

Brandon Lee with Eliza Hutton

But he didn't make it that far.

Brandon died of an accidental gunshot wound on the set of "The Crow". A bullet that was trapped in the gun's barrel hit Lee in the abdomen, creating a fatal wound. Six hours of surgery couldn't save his life. Watch this clip for the deadly scene.

Brandon was only 28.

The video footage was used as evidence in the investigation of the shooting and was later destroyed as part of a lawsuit settlement.

Brandon is buried next to his dad at Seattle's Lake View Cemetery.

Brandon Lee's grave