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Corey Lidle's Death

Corey Lidle

He was a journeyman pitcher, working for several different Major League Baseball clubs.

Corey Lidle playing for different baseball teams

Corey Lidle started and ended his baseball career in New York, beginning with the Mets in 1997 and finishing with the Yankees in 2006. It's significant because he literally lost his life in the New York City skyline.

Corey indeed bounced around the big leagues, signing with the Minnesota Twins and later moving to the Milwaukee Brewers, although he never wore their uniforms. His team's included, in order, the Mets, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Toronto, Cincinnati, Philadelphia and the Yankees.

As a replacement player during the 1994 major-league baseball strike he was banned from the players union.

His career peak came with the Oakland A's, when he yielded only one run for the entire month of August, 2002.

Corey Lidle on Oakland A's in 2002

In July 2006, he was traded from the Philadelphia Phillies to the Yankees.

Corey Lidle on Phillies and Yankess in 2006

But that October 7th, when the Yankees were swept by Detroit in the American League Division Series, their season ended.

Four days later, on October 11th, Lidle was flying a Cirrus SR 20 airplane…

Corey Lidle flying an airplane

…along Manhattan's East side…

picture of manhattan's east side

…when he crashed into an apartment complex.

damage to building from plane crash

A strong easterly wind pushed his plane into the building.

Lidle and his copilot/flight instructor Tyler Stanger were killed.

Cory Lidle and Tyler Stranger building in flames from plane crash

21 people on the ground were hurt, half of them New York City firefighters.

New York Post front page reporting Cory Lidle's death

The shocked Yankees, who lost their Captain Thurman Munson in a 1979 plane crash, invited Lidle's widow Melanie and son to throw out the first pitch for the 2007 season.

Cory Lidle's wife and son throwing out the first pitch in 2007

And the team wore black armbands in memory of Lidle for the entire 2007 season.

Cory Lidle buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina, California

Corey Lidle's buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Covina, California.