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Frank Sinatra Jr.'s Death

Frank Sinatra Jr.

The life and death of Frank Sinatra Jr.

He enjoyed a 43-year career as a singer and was blessed with one of the most famous names ever in the music industry. Unfortunately for him, he was the second guy to have it.

Francis Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra was born in Jersey City, New Jersey as his famous dad's career was skyrocketing. Frank Senior and his first wife, Nancy Barbato…

Frank Sinatra amd Nancy Barbato

… had three children. Nancy was the oldest and went on to her own very successful singing career. Frank Junior had an early love of the piano and songwriting and went on to a career that included recordings and nightclub appearances. Youngest sister Tina became a TV producer.

Frank Sinatra with his 3 kids

Frank Junior followed in his famous father's footsteps, even using the similar style of singing in the same style of music. It was at a time when most young singers were going for rock 'n' roll. Yet young Frank always felt that the style that his father immortalized would never be passé and recorded several albums of his own.

Frank Sinatra Jr. albums

However, his father's megastar overshadowed anything Junior was able to do. In fact, the most publicized incident in young Frank's life was in 1963 when he was kidnapped in Lake Tahoe by three men.

Frank Sinatra Jr. and his father

After his Dad paid nearly quarter of a million dollars' ransom, Frank was released unharmed…

Frank Sinatra Jr. newspaper report of his release on ransom from kidnappers

…and the three were arrested, convicted and sentenced to long prison terms for kidnapping.

Frank Jr.'s career continued and he even occasionally performed duets with his father.

Frank continued to work with his father doing musical arrangements until the elder Sinatra died at the age of 84 and Frank Junior continued his own music career.

Frank Sinatra Jr. album cover

He married Cynthia McMurry in 1998…

Cynthia McMurry

…but they divorced in 2000. He's survived by a son, Michael Sinatra, from a previous relationship, along with his mother and sisters. He was also accused in three separate paternity suits, denying that he fathered a daughter and two other sons – including one named Frank Sinatra III.

Frank Sinatra Jr. later in life

Frank Sinatra Jr. was touring in Daytona Beach, Florida when he died unexpectedly of a heart related condition at the age of 72.