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Craig Strickland's Death

Craig Strickland

The life and death of Craig Strickland:

He had everything going for him that a young man could want– lead singer for a successful country band and husband to a former Miss America contestant. The future seemed bright, were it not for an ill-fated hunting trip.

Craig Strickland hunting

Craig Michael Strickland was born in Alma, Arkansas.

He sang lead for the Arkansas based band, Backroad Anthem, starting in 2012

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…and married a former miss Arkansas, Helen Wisner, in November, 2014.

Craig Strickland and Helen Wisner

But in late December, 2015, Craig went duck hunting with his friend Chase Morland…

Craig Strickland and Chase Morland

…at Bear Creek Cove at Kaw Lake in Oklahoma. Their flat-bottomed boat capsized and Morland drowned.

Strickland successfully swam to shore but he was wearing camouflage hunting gear and died of hypothermia, which is extreme exposure to cold. The area had been hit with ice, sleet, wind and freezing temperatures.

Strickland's lifeless. body was found January 4, 2016 – last seen alive on December 27th.

He's buried under a cedar tree…the same kind of tree his remains were found under…after e memorial service at Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas.