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Woodrow Wilson's Death

Woodrow Wilson

The life and death of Woodrow Wilson:

This two term Progressive Democrat believed in an activist foreign policy – to the point where he spearheaded the League of Nations, which was the original (yet failed) version of the United Nations. He also set the Federal Reserve and Federal Income Tax into motion.

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born in Virginia and earned a Doctorate in political science.

Woodrow Wilson college photo

He was a professor and scholar at various colleges and universities, and was President of Princeton University…

Woodrow Wilson Princeton University

…before being elected Governor of New Jersey.

He ran for President in 1912 and here he is in a campaign speech

Wilson served as the 28th President of the United States from March, 1913 to March, 1921.

Woodrow Wilson as President of the United States

He was the nation's leader during World War I and in 1919 when the war ended, pushed for the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles…

Woodrow Wilson 14 points in newspaper

…the strict and punitive terms Germany had to follow, which many historians paved the way for Adolph Hitler's rise to power a few years later.

However, Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Woodrow Wilson, Nobel Peace Prize

He was also a domestic activist, signing the Federal income tax into, introducing the Federal Reserve system, and backing various trust busting initiatives and establishment of the Federal Trade Commission.

Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke in his second term and Washington was rife with rumors that his First lady, Edith Bolling…

Woodrow Wilson and Edith Bolling

… (his second wife) took on a major role in running his office.

Woodrow Wilson and second wife

Those murmurings led to the 25th Amendment, dealing with succession to the Presidency.

Wilson died of another stroke three years after leaving office.

Woodrow Wilson newspaper report of his death

He is the only President buried in Washington D.C., at the National Cathedral.

National Cathedral

And his photo graces a bill you have a tough time getting change for.

100,000 dollar bill