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Calvin Coolidge's Death

Calvin Coolidge

The life and death of Calvin Coolidge:

He was President of the United States for most of the Roaring Twenties, and his Administration is best remembered for trimming back the size of the federal government and leaving office a half year before the 1929 stock market crash sparked the Great Depression.

The only President born on Independence Day, John Calvin Coolidge was raised in Vermont.

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He rose to the Presidency in 1923 after the sudden death of Warren G. Harding…

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…and was elected to his own term in 1924.

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He left office in March, 1929.

Coolidge is remembered as a man of a few words, often with a humorous twist.

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Once, someone told "Silent Cal" they'd bet they could get more than two words out of him. He replied: "You lose!"

Living in retirement in 1932, he told an old friend that he no longer felt he fit with the times. On January 5, 1933, he died when a blood clot hit a blood vessel, known as a coronary thrombosis.

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He's buried in Plymouth Cemetery in Plymouth, Vermont.