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Vincent Price's Death

Vincent Price

The life and death of Vincent Price:

He could be a very spooky guy, with his distinctive voice and diction and the often sinister look he wore…

Vincent Price

…starring in a series of horror films.

He had a nasty way of laughing too!

His name in fame was the same as the one on his birth certificate. Vincent Leonard Price was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Named after his father, he was the youngest of four children. Vincent Senior was the president of a candy company and his wife was Marguerite Wilcox. The family had money thanks to the candy business.

Vincent earned a degree in art history from Yale University and worked on the campus humor magazine," The Hill Record." His acting career began on stage in London in 1935 and he performed in the "Mercury Theatre" headed by Orson Welles.

Although he's remembered for the film genre of horror, Price started as a character actor, establishing himself in the movie "Laura"…

Vincent Price in the movie 'Laura'

…opposite Gene Tierney in 1944.

He also played the role of Joseph Smith in the movie "Brigham Young" in 1940.

But in the 1950's he found his sweet spot moving into horror films with a role in "the House of Wax" in 1953.

House Of Wax movie poster

It was the first 3-D film to place in the year's top 10 in the North American box office.

Similar roles followed, like "The Mad Magician", "The Fly", and "Return of the Fly", "House on the Haunted Hill" and "The Tingler".

By the 1960s he starred in Edgar Allen Poe adaptations of The Pit and the Pendulum,

The Pit and the Pendulum movie poster

"Tales of Terror", "Comedy of Terrors"…

Comedy of Terrors movie poster

…The Raven…

The Raven movie poster

…"The Mask of the Red Death" and "The Tomb of Ligeia". But he could still do other things. Price was a frequent guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and also took time out to be interviewed by Kermit the Frog.

Vincent even appeared on one of the top recorded songs of the 1980s, doing the narration in Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

Married 3 times, his first wife Edith Barrett and he had a son Vincent. Price later married Mary Grant and they had a daughter named Mary. His last marriage was to Australian actress Coral Browne. He converted to Catholicism to marry her and she became a U.S citizen for him.

A lifelong smoker…

Vincent Price smoking a cig

…Vincent suffered from emphysema and Parkinson's disease. His symptoms were especially severe during the filming of 1990's "Edward Scissorhands" and he had to cut his filming schedule short.

He died of lung cancer in October 1993 at the age of 82. Vincent Price was cremated and his ashes were scattered off Point Dume in Malibu, California.