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Bill Paxton's Death

Bill Paxton

The life and death of Bill Paxton:

This versatile, Texas-born actor and director starred in several films and TV series and died unexpectedly from complications after heart surgery at the age of 61.

William Paxton was born in Fort Worth, the son of a businessman named John and the former Mary Lou Gray. His Mom was Roman Catholic and she raised Bill and his siblings as Catholics.

The first time his face became part of a famous photo was quite by accident. Young Bill, only eight years old, with sitting on someone’s shoulders when President John F. Kennedy left a Fort Worth, Texas hotel the morning he was assassinated.

Bill Paxton, the day jfk was assasinated Bill Paxton, the day jfk was assasinated

His film credits included, in order: “The Terminator”, “Weird Science”, “Aliens”, “Predator 2”, “True Lies”, “Apollo 13”, with Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon…

Bill Paxton, Apollo 13

… “Twister” ...

Bill Paxton, Twister

…co-starring Helen Hunt…

…and “Titanic.”

Paxton also starred in the HBO polygamy series “Big Love” …

… and received an Emmy Award nomination for the 2012 TV mini-series: “Hatfield’s & McCoy’s.”

Paxton had a one year marriage to Kelly Rowan from 1979-1980.

Kelly Rowan

In 1987, married Louise Newberry.

Bill Paxton and Louise Newberry

They had two children – James and Lydia – and were together until he died of a fatal stroke, after a heart operation.