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Robert Chartoff's Death

Robert Chartoff

The life and death of Robert Chartoff:

He was a movie producer who won his biggest fame and awards for movies about boxing.

Born into a Jewish family in New York City, he graduated from Union College in the mid 1950's and received a law degree from Columbia University Law School. He headed west to Hollywood, where he produced more than thirty movies.

He'd been producing movies for about ten years when he found his winning genre – films about boxing. He and Irwin Winkler produced "Rocky" in 1976…

And it won a trio Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Chartoff and Winkler produced all seven movies in the Rocky series and scored another knockout punch in 1980 when they produced the critically acclaimed 'Raging Bull', for which Robert DeNiro won the Best Actor Oscar.

Raging Bull

Some of Chartoff's other hit films included…

Robert Chartoff - various movie covers

He had three children with his first wife, Phyllis Raphael and a son with second spouse Vanessa Howard.

Robert Chartoff died at his Santa Monica, California home after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 81 years old.

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