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Judy Carne's Death

Judy Carne

The life and death of Judy Carne:

For TV fans in the 1960's, she gained fame as the "Sock It to Me" girl on a popular variety show, the peak of her entertainment career. But she fell on hard times with drug abuse and a nearly fatal car accident and disappeared from public view in the years before she died.

Joyce Botterill was the name on her birth certificate, born in Northampton, England to a couple running a local green grocer. Joyce made her first appearance on British TV in 1961 and soon moved to the U. S.

She changed her name to Judy Carne, Judy at the suggestion of a teacher and Carne from a character in a play. Roles in sitcoms called "Fair Exchange", "The Baileys of Balboa" and "Love on a Rooftop" followed.

Judy Carne

But her big break came on NBC-TV's hit series "Rowan & Martin's Laugh In", when she became the "Sock It to Me"' girl…

Judy Carne, Sock It to Me girl

…which she parlayed into a recording and video

She was married to Burt Reynolds early in his career…

Judy Carne and Burt Reynolds

…but they divorced and she said he was abusive.

newspaper report of Judy Carne and Burt Reynolds failed marriage

In her memoir, she wrote of a long list of big name actors who were lovers and acknowledged her drug abuse, including heroin addiction. She had a second marriage to Robert Bergmann that lasted less than a year and she left no survivors.

She also broke her neck in a Pennsylvania car accident and returned to England performing only occasionally in cabaret shows.

Judy Carne

A bit of a recluse at the end, she died of pneumonia.

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