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Vincent Gigante's Death

Vincent Gigante

The life and death of Vincent Gigante:

In the underworld, some major players had very colorful nicknames. This guy is a prime example. From "Vinnie the Chin" …

Vincent Gigante book cover

to "The Oddfather", Vincent Gigante certainly stood out among Mafia chieftains.

But even though he had a habit of wandering through his Manhattan neighborhood in a bathrobe…

Vincent Gigante in a bathrobe

…often looking totally out of it…

Vincent Gigante mugshot

…law enforcement officials thought he was crazy like a fox.

Vincent Gigante

Vinny enjoyed a brief career as a professional boxer…

Vincent Gigante boxing

He had a brother, Louis…

Louis Gigante

…who was a widely known Roman Catholic priest and member of the New York city Council.

And Vincent, after allegedly serving as a hit man for crime boss Vito Genovese, eventually succeeded him as head of the Genovese Crime Family for two decades.

Vinny the Chin died in prison, suffering from heart problems.

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