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Oscar de la Renta's Death

Oscar de la Renta

The life and death of Oscar de La Renta:

He was a legend in the world of fashion - clothing First Ladies and making high style accessible to women everywhere.

Oscar de la Renta promotion

Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic into a family that was comfortable in the highest levels of the island nation's society.

Oscar de la Renta when he was a young man

He gained fame in the 1960s when he designed dresses for First Lady Jacquelin Kennedy.

Jacquelin Kennedy

And she wasn't the only First Lady he dressed up. Nancy Reagan …

Nancy Reagan

...wore his designs in the 1980s and he provided gowns for Inaugural events for both Hillary Clinton in 1997…

Hillary Clinton

…and Laura Bush in 2005.

Laura Bush

Michelle Obama irked him by not wearing any of his dresses during seven years First Lady but finally wore one in October 2014, just before he died.

Michelle Obama

Called the "Sultan of Suave" he introduced a ready-to-wear label in 1965 in New York and also dressed up celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others.

Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker

He even designed the uniforms for the Boys Scouts of America.

Boy Scouts uniforms designed by La Renta

He did a behind the scenes interview with The New York Times for his 2007 Fall Runway collection, discussing the things he looked for.

One of his famous moments in his latter days came when he designed the gown Amal Clooney wore at her wedding just a few weeks before he died.

Diagnosed with cancer in 2006, the "New York Times" described de la Renta's health as precarious and at his women's wear show in September he was described as looking frail.

Oscar was married twice. His first wife Francoise de Langlade…

Oscar with Francoise de Langlade

...died in 1983 of bone cancer.

In 1969 he married socialized Annette Englehard Reed.

Oscar with Annette Englehard Reed

On word of his death, fans and friends reacted by remembering him as a star and a gentleman.

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